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Hyperbolic Stretching Program by Alex Larsson Exposed: BEWARE of these Facts

Just how badly would you like to improve your flexibility, boost your muscle tone and double your physical strength? The good news is that you don’t have to go to the gym and do some crazy, energy-sapping workouts to achieve that feat.

If you barely have time or even the strength to stick to standard workout routines, the Hyperbolic Stretching course is for you. And here’s why.

  • It improves your flexibility
  • You’ll find that its body movement sequences are gentle on your joints.
  • Strengthens your pelvic muscles (these are usually ignored by most physical trainers).
  • Contains loads of motivation courses to keep you psyched up throughout the training

Does this sound like something you’d like to learn a little more about? Tag along with us as we share our unbiased Hyperbolic Stretching™ Program review.

What’s Hyperbolic Stretching Program All About?

This is a 63-page guide and videos that contains rare, eye-opening information on how to improve flexibility. You see, poor flexibility is to blame for almost all the muscle, joint and bone-related health issues we face these days.

If you’re like the average American, chances are that you spend long hours sitting behind a computer working. Or if not a computer, it’s the TV. Plus you have to drive to work or sit in the Subway as you make your daily commute.

This sedentary lifestyle can badly affect your flexibility. And as you approach your 50s and 60s, you’re likely to see major, unexpected changes in your overall health. There are even incidences where some people have their pelvic muscles so weak such that they are unable to control their urine.

So, if you have just realized that you’re losing flexibility. Or that you’re suffering from a back pain that won’t go away no matter what, it might just be the perfect time to try the Hyperbolic Stretching course.

Version For Men


This version of the program contains workouts and health recommendations for the male gender. The methods shared in it are meant to boost your testosterone levels and strengthen your muscles so you can achieve these three goals:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced speed
  • More jumping power

In a nutshell, you’ll be taught about some natural stretching hacks that literally turn your muscles into elastic steel pipes.

Version For Women


The female body is completely different from the male one. And that’s why it’s important to find workouts that are specifically designed for women.

Inside the Hyperbolic Stretching Course are simple stretch workouts along with a bunch of strength hacks. All these are meant to trick your muscle’s survival system and restructure the alignment of your pelvic floor.

Some of the benefits this program promises include:

  • Enhanced core strength
  • Stronger hips
  • Better mobility
  • Total body confidence

Would you like to take full control of your body? If you’re a woman, you better go for the women’s version of the Hyperbolic Stretching course.

How It Works

Though the program is quite dynamic, it’s possible to sum it up into 5 different phases as follows:

  1. Warm-up Sessions
  2. The Split Test
  3. Week One to Week 3 Exercises
  4. Week 4 Exercises
  5. Flexibility Maintenance Routine

As you can see, this program starts by providing you with a chance to condition your body. As your muscles get used to this regimen, you get to take things a notch higher using light exercises. Eventually, you’re introduced to advanced workouts that improve blood flow and strengthen your core.

Eventually, once the 4-week session is over, you’ll be left with skills you can use to maintain your flexibility levels for a lifetime.

What’s the Proof This Program Works?

The proof that this program works is everywhere you look. But don’t take our word for it. A recent comparative study conducted on some 377 people confirmed that this stretching protocol can increase pelvic muscle floor strength by almost 230%.

And there’s more, this is one of the few workouts that have been proven to increase muscle flexibility by as much as 386%. That’s quite the opposite of what traditional flexibility workouts do. In fact, some conventional workouts weaken your muscles instead of strengthening them.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read?) – let’s break down the facts for you.

*Clinical trials have been conducted on this method

*This program has been used by thousands of men and women all over the world

*It’s authored by someone who is not only passionate in what they do but also highly trained & competent

About the Author

Behind this fantastic course is Alex Larsson. He used to work as a computer programmer, a job that involved spending long hours sitting behind the computer. As you can imagine, this ended up taking its toll on him and so he decided to resign and find a solution to his problems. After many years of research and trial-and-error, he eventually discovered this method that has so far helped more than 16,000 people accomplish major milestones in life through stretching.

Hyperbolic Strecthing Benefits And Problems

Hyperbolic Stretching Benefits

Makes scientific sense

Easy to follow

Healthy and all-natural

Men and women versions available

Affordably priced


3 Problems with this Program

(1) This is a PDF eBook so it involves a bit of reading and doing

(2) Not ideal for you if you’re a potato couch and don’t like getting out of your comfort zone

(3) It’s a digital program rather than a physical one that you can touch and feel

Bonuses And Money Back Guarantee

To this end, the Hyperbolic Stretching Program seems perfect on its own. But Alex thinks that his fan base deserves a little more. And that’s why he provides a 60-day money-back guarantee cover. It’s either this program works for you within those days or you’ll get your money back.

Besides that, he provides you with three free bonuses. These are:

1.Mind Power Unleashed Handbook

2. Full-Body Flexibility

3. The 8-Minute Workout


Final Verdict

In our view, the Hyperbolic Stretching™ course is a highly resourceful system that anyone who wants to be stronger and more flexible should get. We have come across loads of positive reviews about it even on platforms like Reddit. So, we think this is something worth downloading and using.

Verdict: Take advantage of the current discount window to get a copy of this program at a lower than usual price (limited time only).

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